Which Countries offer Citizenship against buying Real Estate?

Just buy a home or apartment in foreign country, get a second citizenship FREE! yes..its true! Not many people would believe this but, there only a few handful countries, willing to give you a permanent residence permit or directly a citizenship, upon substantial investment in the development of the country such as real estate or bringing new business.

Although not all countries immediately offer citizenship (exception malta and cyprus) , the common route is first buy a flat, get a residency, after few years of wait, naturalize as citizen. For example in  countries such as Portugal/Spain, the path to citizenship is to first get a “permanent residence”. Once you have spent about 7-10 years of residence, you are eligible to apply for citizenship.


Portugal issues residency to foreign nationals (Golden visa) who buy a real estate worth 500,000 euros.  You have to renew your residence permit once in 2 years while holding the real estate, and after 5 years, you can convert to  permanent residency and in the 6th year, you can apply for citizenship (under naturalization). No requirement to live in the country. You have to learn the Portugese language also before applying for citizenship. More information available on our portugal page

St.Kitts & Nevis

St.Kitts has the most most popular real estate and citizenship program. You can directly get citizenship and passport upon investing a minimum of USD 400,000 a Goverment approved real estate project and hold for 5 years.  St Kitts passports, since it has recently entered schengen, allows you visa free travel to Europe and over 180 countries.  For more information, please see this page


Malta is a schengen EU member state. Malta has an option to invest in real estate under the Maltese citizenship program (MIIP). You have to buy a real estate worth atleast 350,000 euros, but the problem is you have to donate another 650,000 euros (non-refundable) to the Maltese donation fund and another 150,000 euros to Malta government bonds. This is a waste of money! Neverthless, the total cost to apply for Malta will come around 1 million euro (you will get back real estate (350,000) + Malta bond (150,000) which is 500,000 euros, rest is a waste of money, but look here the benefits: you and family will get EU citizenship (Malta passport) in just 12 months. You can live anywhere in europe such as Switzerland, France, Germany etc..

We assist clients with real estate and citizenship services in Malta.  Please have a look at our Malta page.

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda has launched a new citizenship by investment program upon real estate purchase of USD 400,000. It will take about 3 months to get the passport in hand.  You can sell off real estate after 5 years. Antigua passport is a very good passport which will help you to travel without visa to EU schengen, UK, Canada etc. Please refer to Antigua & Barbuda citizenship program


Spain has golden visa real estate investment program with minimum 500,000 euro investment in spanish real estate (houses, condominiums, apartments).  The problem is you have to live in Spain for no less than 10 years, to apply for spanish citizenship and passport. This is a long time compared to Portugal.


Greece has 250,000 euro real estate investment program. You will given residence permit to live in Greece after property purchase with renewals/prolonging . You have to live in Greece for 8 years (waiting) only then you can apply for Greek passport. This is a long wait compared to Portugal (only 6 years wait)


Cyprus has 2.5 million euro real estate investment program. You can buy a luxury real estate or villa in Cyprus, and in just 3 months, you will be given EU citizenship and passport from Cyprus. No requirement to live in Cyprus after. You can live and work in any EU country such as Germany, Sweden Switzerland etc.. with the cypriot passport. Please have a look at our Cyprus page


Bahamas have a “economic investment program” to foreign nationals where a permanent residence is given to on the basis of minimum investment of USD 500’000, upon purchasing a residence (a home or condominim) in Bahamas. The permanent residence grants the investor right to live and work in Bahamas.


Latvia has the cheapest real estate option to gain residence permit. You can qualify for permanent residence in Latvia upon buying a home/apartment valued EUR 250,000 in major cities . Latvia since is a EU member and schengen country, getting permanent residence allows you travel visa free to all EU countries. Once you have spent enough time usually 10yrs in latvia, you will be eligible for citizenship. You can buy a real estate through this lawyer website.


Panama has an investment scheme for foreigners where upon investing US$ 60,000 in a agriculture/reforestation project, you gain temporary residence. Permanent residency is given to individuals who invest USD 350,000 or more in real estate projects.

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