Buy Austrian Citizenship by Investment for EUR 2 million

Austria, a small german speaking country is the only country in Europe offering citizenship to investors and businessmen who can invest atleast EUR 2 million to the Austrian economy by bringing new business to Austria and creating new jobs, including bringing new technologies. You can directly qualify for citizenship if you are able to invest that kind of money.

Currently, as far as we know, Austria is the only country in Europe having the citizenship by investment program running. The government procedure is quite delicate and takes several months usually 12-15 months and the application processing charges may come around EUR 400’000. As soon as your citizenship application is approved, you can apply for austrian passport. With austrian passport, you are EU citizen, which gives you freedom to live and work anywhere in Europe, including neighboring Switzerland.

No german language skills are asked by the Government, but you will need to make a personal visit to Austria, to complete the formalities.

Austrian passport has great reputation for number of countries to travel visa free, including visiting US and other countries without visa. Austria does not report your citizenship to other foreign countries as it is governed by data protection laws in the country.

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